Case Studies

Take a look at PoE in action — how it’s used, how it can provide cost savings or simplify network design and increase flexibility. These case histories from our member companies provide great examples of how PoE technology can work in a variety of applications.

Reinventing the Workplace: Showcasing Innovation and Sustainability at PENN 1 Plaza: PENN 1, a 42,000-square-foot Midtown Manhattan building constructed in the 1970s, was never designed to be smart or data driven. But with a foundational network featuring Cisco Catalyst® 9000 switches and access points, PoE technology that provides data connectivity and electrical power for the building’s subsystems, and a single interface——Cisco DNA® Spaces——for integrating and visualizing the data from those systems, PENN 1 is showcasing new levels of innovation, flexibility, and sustainability.

Advancing Innovation with Applied Learning at Wichita State University: NetApp, a leading company in the virtual cloud space, is committed to providing businesses and government agencies with a secure and unified environment for their data. Reflecting this commitment, they worked with Mecho to create a sustainable and energy-efficient office space at their building on Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus site.

PoE Lighting Gives New Life to Old Fixtures: Power over Ethernet and LED lighting join forces to salvage a unique lighting installation for the Waldinger Corporation’s headquarters. The unique space featured exposed ductwork high ceilings and pendant lights. Although beautiful, the lights were difficult to maintain, expensive to operate and in need of replacement. Waldinger was already installing PoE and IP networks for their customers so adding PoE-based lighting to the networks was a logical next step.

Cisco Atlanta: The Future is Here: Smart Hybrid Workspaces: Architects and Designers from CRTKL were challenged to create a Cisco hybrid office space of the future in Atlanta that improves the quality of life both at work and at home, meeting the goals Cisco upholds in all of its spaces, the Cisco Atlanta team turned to Mecho for high-quality, intelligent shading solutions. By integrating Mecho automated shading solutions, Cisco’s smart building has become easier to manage and more cost-effective to operate. n an effort to reduce the need for human interaction and lower energy consumption, Cisco has opted to install Mecho SolarTrac, our scalable automated shading solution, which both complements and integrates seamlessly with the facility’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) system. Everything connected on the PoE network not only uses low voltage power but also makes formerly “dumb” devices (e.g., on or off) capable of working in conjunction with other devices (e.g., shades rise and internal lighting dims) and providing data to building owners (e.g., office A goes largely underutilized).

GENISYS PoE Lighting provides advanced lighting for Behavioral Therapy: MI-based Judson Center – a non-profit human services agency that provides therapy and autism treatment for clients ages two through seven. The original bright, buzzing fluorescent lights made it difficult for clients to nap and concentrate on activities. Judson Center’s new classroom lighting system is completely customizable, with white light color-tuning fixtures that adjust from warm to cool white to alter color temperature. They also feature full RGB lights that can be set to any color. For the children who use the space every day, the lighting system creates a calmer, more comfortable environment.

Mouser Electronics: Fusing Warehouse Efficiency and Sustainability with PoE Lighting: