Push forward and innovate together with other leaders of PoE Technology

Joining the Consortium

Welcome! The PoE Consortium is an open organization driven to promote the usage and adoption of Power-over-Ethernet technology in the smart building industry. Our focus is education, advocacy, and the sharing of best practices. Interested in joining our mission? Apply below.
Who should join?
Anyone interested in supporting our mission, networking amongst peers, and learning about this industry. There are no limits to who may join.
How do I join?
Submit a Membership Application Form. Memberships will be approved or denied within 30 days of application. Annual dues must be paid within 30 days of approval.
What are the levels of membership?

There are three types of membership available to the industry: General Members, Patrons, and Observers. Companies at the General Member and Patron Member levels have voting rights and can sit on the board. Both levels allow for one (1) vote per company.

General Members: This level is open to companies who are a part of the PoE smart building industry, broadly defined. There are some requirements to join at this level:

  1. Adhere to IEEE standards, though certification via IEEE is not required
  2. Commit to the PoE Consortium’s ethics standards
  3. Support and further the PoE Consortium’s mission
  4. Apply and be approved by majority board vote
  5. $1,000 annual membership dues

Patron Members: This membership level is for companies who seek to elevate the field of PoE lighting and smart buildings. The membership commitment is $5,000 annually and members must meet the same criteria as the General Membership level.  

Observers: There are no limits to those who are interested in becoming an observer. You may join from any industry, organization, as an individual, or as a company. By joining, you agree to commit to, and follow, the PoE Consortium’s ethics standards and support our mission. This level comes with an annual membership due of $250.  

What are the benefits of membership?

Each membership level has its own unique benefits. See the summary graphic below for details on the benefits and requirements that accompany each member level. 

What if I am a student?
Good news! Students may apply for a waived Observer membership fee for up to two (2) consecutive years. Fill out the Student Application Form and it will be reviewed at ongoing board meetings for approval within 45 days of application. 
What if my company is denied membership? 
If, in the unlikely and very rare instance the board denies a company’s membership application, the board will provide an explanation. The company will have an opportunity to provide rectifying information and appeal the decision to the board.