PoE Calculator

Calculate Your PoE Power Budget and Troubleshoot Your Installation Free

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Please refer to your PoE Lighting and Automation Vendor’s Tools for Final Calculation

 Let us help you calculate your PoE budget by Powered Device (PD) and for a Power Supplying Equipment (PSE).


Instructions for use:

Step 1 – Pick your PoE Standard. Don’t know what they mean? Check out our Dictionary.
Step 2 – Either select your cable type, our values match industry standard, or look it up yourself under the DCR of your cable and put it in the Alternate Ohms/1000 ft field.
Step 3 – Pick your voltage. You’ll want to check your datasheets for IEEE compliant products because they can range from 44 to 56 volts.
Step 4 – Find power consumption for your PD. You’ll normally find it in the datasheet like this one:
Step 5 – Add the distance of the run.
Step 6 – Add the number of devices like this you’ll be using.